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The whole new world for your child.
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The most entertaining and useful game which can educate your kids.
Just imaging – vast variety mosaics in one application. Created with love and care for your kids.
Why mosaic is important and useful for your kids?
Working with small details improves motor development – and that is the skill requires for speech improvements and coordination of movements! Creative thinking and spatial reasoning development improves – very important part in increasing intelligence of your child and gaps in intelligence will be hard to fix in later age. Horme improves – urge to achieve set goals, achieve results.
Accuracy, observation, alertness and memory improve. Solving puzzles helps to develop imagination and creative thinking of your kid – those the most important skills human can have and help to create his personality. Improve artistic and aesthetic qualities.
Why Educational Mosaic is so useful for kids?
1. Mosaic format – tetris-mosaic – it is one of the most effective ways to improve some qualities and develop some skills.
2. Application has vast variety of puzzles to solve; your kid will never get bored!
3. All mosaics in every sets organized by constantly increasing difficulty – that will help your kid to slowly and comfortably get to solving hard puzzles.
4. Every mosaic has unique array of figures and colors – kids will be able to learn how to find differences in colors by developing their visual alertness.
5. All mosaics separated by sets that have their unique themes – every little genius can pick up what he really likes!
6. After solving puzzles a child receives colorful, bright and beautiful toy and that can make gameplay much more fun for a kid!
7. With Educational Puzzle you can entertain your kid while developing his skills set while standing in a boring line or while in a long trip.
We have developed this app so your kids can learn new things through this game, because we sure that it is the right way to learn.
From now on time spent with iPad will give maximum benefits to your child!